• Retorts/Autoclaves
  • Shuttle And Loading/Unloading Machine
  • Vacuum Fryer


The sterilization system is paramount for ready meals products. These generally include additional groups of food components (such as cooked meat or fish, vegetables and/or starchy foods). The ready meals must be as much appetizing in the plate and they are in the mouth, or as shown on the packaging. 

Ready-to-eat food products turned into one of the few industries that witnessed a surge in immense demand during the coronavirus pandemic and it is being considered as the closest alternative to regular food, which can be consumed at any time (such as during breakfast, lunch, or dinner).

Innovaster has a long track record in helping processors developing quality ready meals, capturing quality, nutrition and taste. We offer a variety of coating, frying, freezing, filling, closing, in-container-sterilization, and x-ray solutions to stay ahead of your competition.

• Cooked ready meals are generally canned and must be sterilized for preservation and consumption over 2 to 3 years. The Water Spray and Air/Steam back-pressure processes are fully effective to preserve flavors and the nutritional qualities of such products.

• Fresh ready meals are pasteurized with a rather short DLC (best-before date). This kind of food is generally packaged in small containers, or in flexible pouches. The process recommended in this case is heat treatment in static mode.

We develop tailor-made solutions for every step in the process of ready to eat/drink in containers or fresh cooked/caterers meals.

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