• Retorts/Autoclaves
  • Shuttle And Loading/Unloading Machine
  • Vacuum Fryer



Production Facilities

Variety of services and production power | Innovaster

Our manufacturing workshop is equipped with the most efficient CNC machines and highly qualified staff. A team of skilled engineers is in charge of design, quality control and providing innovative, high-quality products and services.

Innovaster designs, manufactures, installs and commissions complete sterilization lines for food processing industry.

Innovaster is a fast growing company of committed people with more than 20 years experience and passion. Innovaster has three associate factories who are the leaders in their respective fields for the upstream and downstream equipment, vegetable processing lines, vacuum packaging, sterilization retorts/autoclaves. All factories are selected and integrated to keep the Innovaster as the innovative solution provider for the food processors. To this end, we at Innovaster remain invested in our Industry through our people and our equipment, to strive for innovative solutions and improvement in processing, packaging and thermal processing technology, not forgetting to deliver on cost effective sterilization solutions to our customers.

Production Facilities

Process flow

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