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Hot Water Spray Retort

Product Details

Innovaster Water Spray process is an overpressure process, it’s different from Saturated Steam process in that air can be introduced into the vessel during sterilization. Preheat Tank is an OPTIONAL to preheat the process water while operator is entering the process recipe for hot filling products. During process, water is sprayed over the containers from different angles, steam can go through the other loop of the heat exchanger to heat the process water or directly injected into vessel. Water Spray process can be used for various packages thermal processing, excellent temperature distribution and efficient heat transfer since Innovaster selects all top-class brands components to provide the high-quality retorts and service to our customers worldwide and because of our know-how. HMI controls provide a user-friendly interface to retort control.

In a Water Spray process these steps are:

1.Prepare Tank (OPTIONAL – if an external preheat water tank is used)

2.Come Up Fill (A Sterilization Step)

3.Come Up (A Sterilization Step)

3.Cook (A Sterilization Step)

4.Pressure Cool

5.Atmospheric Cool


                                                                                                                                                                            *diagram JBT SWS process, direct heating

Equipment features

  • water spray features 1

    Provides air overpressure processing. Direct steam heating of water exiting the spray nozzles Heat is transferred to the containers by the steam/water mixture.

  • water spray features 2

    Maximum container flexibility(overpressure control) Combination of water sprays(nozzles) and direct steam injection.

  • water spray features 3

    Water is sprayed over the containers from several different angles provides uniform heating of the containers. Good temperature distribution and efficient heat transfer. Excellent pressure control. .

Packages Type of Applications

  • Plastic Bowls/Trays

    Plastic Bowls/Trays

  • Glass Jars

    Glass Jars

  • Rigid Container

    Rigid Container

  • Retort Pouch

    Retort Pouch

  • Maximum container flexibility

    Maximum container flexibility

  • Pet Food

    Pet Food


Constant improvement and engineering innovations mean these specifications may change without notice.

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