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Thermal Validation

Temperature Distribution Test (TD) And Heat Penetration Test (HP)

We're regularly involved in assisting our clients to carry out the thermal validation test on our Retorts. We also have our own data acquisition loggers to perform the validation test. 

Temperature distribution test objective is:

to develop or validate a venting schedule,

to locate cold or slow heating zones in preparation for heat-penetration studies,

in the case of new installations, and

for any changes to an installation which may influence the temperature distribution in the product zone. Temperature distribution data may also provide insight into the impact of changes made to processing equipment, utilities, and other identified critical factors (e.g., package size, type, loading configuration, etc.).


The purpose of a heat penetration study is to determine the heating and cooling behavior of a product/package combination in a specific retort system for the establishment of safe thermal processes to deliver commercially sterile products and to assist in evaluating process deviations.

The study must be designed to adequately and accurately examine all critical factors associated with the product, package and process which affect heating rates.

The determination of heating data (time/temperature) should be conducted on a product which simulates commercial preparation. The data obtained from thermal resistance and heat penetration tests are used to calculate a process.

Standard operating procedures for thermal processing systems must be designed to ensure that uniform temperature distribution exists in retorts during operation. Temperature distribution studies are conducted to provide data to support the operating procedures.

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