• Retorts/Autoclaves
  • Shuttle And Loading/Unloading Machine
  • Vacuum Fryer


Canned seafood process is a relatively modern technology which enables people to preserve food in an edible condition under a wide range of storage conditions for long periods - from a few months to several years. Essentially, the process involves hermetically sealing the food in a container, heat 'sterilising' the sealed unit and cooling it to ambient temperature for subsequent storage.

Innovaster has partnered to offer the high quality machinery including seaming machines,grading machines,separators,fillers,retorts,and packing machines etc. to meet the increasing demands of lowering production costs and offering products that will help them differentiate them in the market.

It should be noted that, canning line should be designed so that the retorts, can driers, and labelling and packing sections are well removed from the raw fish handling sections because of the danger of leaker contamination.

Differences in can dimension, filled volume and type of sterilization equipment affect the heat penetration rate, temperature and time required for sterilization process in canned seafood.

The retorts are controlled by automatic devices, and detailed records are kept of the time and temperature treatments for each lot of processed cans. At the end of the heating cycle, the cans are cooled under water sprays or in water baths to approximately 38 °C (100 °F) and dried to prevent any surface rusting.

i.e. Layout for tuna cannery

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