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Rotary Retort

Product Details

Rotary retorts are used to process the food contents in order to accelerate the heat transfer inside the container, with a movement of food inside to provides even better product quality and process efficiency. 

Rotary retorts contain rotating racks that agitate the product in an end-over-end manner, this speeds up the heat transfer in products that flow by agitating the content by moving the air bubble through them that is created by the headspace.

The baskets or stacks of trays are clamped individually to ensure that the load is well supported with no damage to the containers or baskets and trays. The clamping mechanisms as well as other moving parts like rotor shaft or supporting rollers (trunnions) are designed for heavy duty and long life.

●Sterilization of products in aluminum and tinplate cans, glass jars, pouches and trays;

●Excellent homogeneity inside the machine and a gentile product treatment;

●Reduction of the sterilization time as effect of the cynetic force of the rotation combined with the both fixed and rotating sprayers;

●Unaltered product organoleptic properties.

Equipment features

  • rotary retorts

    Dependable, Reliable and Robust Design and Fabrication Rotor built in stainless steel or steel (optional) capable of running at maximum load, is treated at high temperature and dynamic balance processing to eliminate internal stress of welding.

  • rotary retorts2

    Large diameter external bearing wheels can be easily dismantled from outside for maintenance.

  • Rotary Retort clamping system

    Independent pneumatic clamping system with pressure regulation programmable through the HMI.

Packages Type of Applications

  • Canned Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk

    Canned Condensed Milk, Evaporated Milk

  • Flavored Milk in Plastic Bottles Retort Sterilization

    Flavored Milk in Plastic Bottles Retort Sterilization

  • Meals in Flexible Packages

    Meals in Flexible Packages

  • Canned Vegetables, Canned Corn

    Canned Vegetables, Canned Corn

  • Porridge in Retortable Pouches

    Porridge in Retortable Pouches

  • Canned Porridge, Mixed Congee

    Canned Porridge, Mixed Congee


Constant improvement and engineering innovations mean these specifications may change without notice.

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