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  • Shuttle And Loading/Unloading Machine
  • Vacuum Fryer


The canning of fruits and vegetables is a growing, competitive industry and made up of establishments primarily engaged in canning fruits, vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices; processing ketchup and other tomato sauces; and producing natural and imitation preserves, jams, and jellies.

Vegetables canning is used to be involved into the following steps as common:

• Preparation – The principal preparation steps are washing and sorting.

• Peeling And Coring (can be optional )

• Filling

• Exhausting

The objective of exhausting containers is to remove air so that the pressure inside the container following heat treatment and cooling will be less than atmospheric.

• Sealing 

In sealing lids on metal cans, a double seam is created by interlocking the curl of the lid and flange of the can. Many closing machines are equipped to create vacuum in the headspace either mechanically or by steam-flow before lids are sealed.

• Heat Sterilization 

During processing, microorganisms that can cause spoilage are destroyed by heat.

• Cooling 

After heat sterilization, containers are quickly cooled to prevent overcooking.

• Labeling And Casing 

After the heat sterilization, cooling, and drying operations, the containers are ready for labeling. Labeling machines apply glue and labels in one high-speed operation. The labeled cans or jars are the packed into shipping cartons.

We are dedicated to driving improvements in turnkey solutions design for can vegetables, and our machinery are used around the globe in processes where quality, safety and adherence to service are crucial.

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