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Overpressure Water Spray and Direct Steam Retort (Dual Mode Retorts)


Consumers today increasingly prefer flexible and semi-rigid packages as compared to rigid containers in food products. Consumers perceive pouches, bowls and trays as new and innovative, space-saving, convenient and more sustainable through less waste. New microwaveable packaging is a big part of the convenience factor.

Therefore more and more canneries not only process cans, but pouches, trays, and other flexible containers for shelf-stable brands, not only do flexible and semi-rigid materials help to boost sales, but this packaging also lowers unit cost and can reduce sterilization time.

Canneries need upgrade to dual mode retorts – retorts that can process both cans and flexible packages today. Many design options allow the cannery to purchase a retort with a completely outfitted dual mode.

Innovaster dual mode retort system is one of the most cost-effective and versatile retort system which can be used for rigid containers, flexible and semi-rigid containers thermal processing in a cannery’s facility.


Dual-mode retorts give the food manufacturers the ability to use saturated steam for can processing or water spray overpressure processing for flexible or semi-rigid containers. Overpressure during processing is to maintain the integrity of the flexible containers, due to package construction have limited resistance to internal pressure.

No change parts are required to switch between modes. Innovaster retorts human machine interface (HMI) built in automated control system is capable of fast changeover between modes, which allows retort operators simply select the desired mode and recipes from HMI.


Should you plan to invest in benefit-rich retort or optimize your current retort performance as well upgrade your retort installations and capacity in existing footprints, please contact with Innovaster sales consultant, we’re ready to fulfill your expectations with our outstanding services.


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