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Vacuum Fryer Machine

Product Details

Vacuum fryers are an alternative means of producing snacks, using low pressure and low temperatures. It has been proven that vacuum- processing makes snacks healthier. Frying by means of this technology can be described as a process of removing moisture and cooking food through contact with hot oil. However, the oil does not enter into the product's open pores, and therefore the resulting snack will have only a minimal oil content. 

The low pressure at which processing is carried out in a vacuum fryer, allows you to produce snacks at lower temperatures, from 85°С to 120°С. Carcinogens do not form in the oil, the oil stays fresh longer, and oil consumption is lower than in atmospheric fryers. When fried at low temperatures, the product maintains its natural color, taste, aroma, and nutrients. Fruits and vegetables fried in a vacuum fryer are turned into healthy snacks that are rapidly gaining in popularity and becoming an alternative to traditional chips.

Equipment features

  • Vacuum Fryer Features

    Automatic oil level control

  • Vacuum fryer basket

    Integrated centrifuge and basket reduce finished oil content of product

  • vacuum fryer structure

    Vacuum system

Packages Type of Applications

  • fruit & vegetable chips

    fruit & vegetable chips


VF SpecificationsVF-500VF-800VF-1000VF-1200
Capacity (kg/batch)30-50kg80-100kg150-180kg240-300kg
Process Time (min/batch)50-180min50-180min50-180min50-180min
Vacuum Degree (MPa)
-0.093~0.098 MPa-0.093~0.098 MPa-0.093~0.098 MPa-0.093~0.098 MPa
Oil Temperature (℃)80-12080-12080-12080-120
Heating MediumSteamSteamSteamSteam
Steam Flowrate (kg/h)70-90120200300
Steam Pressure (MPa)0.4-0.50.4-0.50.4-0.50.4-0.5
Deoiling RPM
Cooling Water (t/h)81216
Install Power18kw18kw26kw37kw
Floor Space (mm,L×W×H)3000*1400*22004000*1600*31004800*2000*34005800*2300*3800
Crate Quantity1111
Crate Size (mm)φ500×400φ800×600φ1000×600φ1200×600
Oil Storage Tank (Litre)400L960L1850L2500L

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