• Retorts/Autoclaves
  • Shuttle And Loading/Unloading Machine
  • Vacuum Fryer

Semi-automatic Loader& Unloader

Product Details

  • Simple push button operation

  • Automatically forms containers into layer patterns

  • Feeds the pattern into the basket by push-button operation

  • Adjustable side rails to accommodate multiple container diameters

  • Modular pattern formers capable of multiple container sizes with fast changeover

  • Pushbutton activated hydraulic lift for precise can height positioning in basket

  • Scissor lifter for precise positioning to dispense with the civil construction on client's site

  • Divider sheets are hand-placed by operator

  • Modular customized design and build allows for integration into existing lines

Equipment features

  • Hydraulic Lifter

    Robust hydraulic lifter for retort basket layer lift up and down


Standard & Non-standard Baskets

This series Loaders and Unloaders can accept standard baskets and customized baskets.


Capable of loading tin cans, aluminium cans, plastic bottles as well as glass jars in various sizes.

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