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Retort Shuttle

Product Details

Automatic shuttle car is used for conveying and transferring between loading& unloading machine and retorts. Automatic shuttle is a newly developed automatic baskets loading& unloading system with high automation, good functional stability, high efficiency, simple structure and convenient adjustment characteristics. It helps to save a lots manpower, material and financial resources, as well as time and achieve full automatic control.

Equipment features

  • Retort shuttle-1 feature

    Dual-function shuttle (load and unload), or single lane designs • ABRS (Automated Batch Retort System) Integration • 3, 4, 5, and 6-basket-load designs • Available for all dimensions of retort baskets

  • Retort shuttle-2 feature

    High level task and priority control Severe-duty design and components 304 laser-cut stainless frame construction


Retort shuttle is a basket travel system under control of the system PLC that satisfy a batch-at-a-time collection of product baskets deliver to the retorts. 

Innovaster retort shuttle is integrated with raw product conveyors and processed product conveyors. 

Baskets that are loaded are staged on the shuttle until a retort load of baskets has been accumulated. 

Fully automatic operation for basket loading and unloading.

To have retort loading/unloading management, capture time of basket load and unload from retort and basket loader unloader.

Able to push and pull basket using telescopic arm for loading/unloading basket in Retort.

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