• Retorts/Autoclaves
  • Shuttle And Loading/Unloading Machine
  • Vacuum Fryer

General Description Of Retort Maintenance (Hot Water Spray Retorts)


Carrying Out Retort Maintenance Regularly Is Key To Successful Operation.

Water Spray - Overview

• is an overpressure process

• Direct steam heating of water exiting the spray nozzles (JBT SWS Retort) or Indirect heating via heat exchanger loop

• Heat is transferred to the containers by the steam/water mixture (direct heating) or superheated water only ( indirect heating).

       Maximum container flexibility (due to overpressure control, widely used for various containers’ thermal processing)

       Combination of water sprays (nozzles) and direct steam injection (JBT SWS Retort) or superheated water only with indirect heating)

       Water is sprayed over the containers from different angles, steam can go through the other loop of the heat exchanger to heat the process water or directly injected into vessel

       Precise temperature and pressure control, good temperature distribution and efficient heat transfer


Applications in Packaging Types 

       Rigid Containers

-Metal Cans

-Glass Jars

       Flexible Packages

-Plastic bowls


-Aluminum/ Plastic trays

Water Spray Process ( Direct Steam Injection)

•       Steam injection over total shell length ( under basket/tray and above water level

•       Compressed air injection in process water via distribution pipe under the water level results in preheating of the air entering the vessel

Scheduled process





Retort Maintenance Considerations

  1. Check door seal for damage and proper seating in its groove

  2. Observe nozzle spray performance in case of any clogging

  3. Check if all chain fingers (dogs) are in correct position (if chain conveyor is fitted for aiding basket loading/unloading). Replace springs as necessary.

  4. Check for steam and water leaks on the conveyor drive and door seal, valves and pipes connections.

  5. Check the level meter for any dirt and clean if necessary.

  6. Remove, clean and reinstall the nozzles on all pipe ends, check and clean.

  7. Nozzles shall be inspected on a routine basis. Filter should be inspected and cleaned weekly.

  8. Check stroke of door swing and door lock cylinders and adjust as necessary for proper open and closed position.

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