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Vacuum Frying Machine

Product Details

A vacuum frying machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the food processing industry for frying food products at low temperatures and reduced atmospheric pressure. The process of vacuum frying involves placing the food product into a vacuum-sealed chamber and reducing the air pressure inside the chamber to create a low-pressure environment. This reduces the boiling point of the oil used for frying, allowing for frying at lower temperatures and minimizing the formation of harmful compounds such as acrylamide.

The vacuum frying machine consists of several components, including a vacuum chamber, heating elements, oil reservoir, and a control system. The vacuum chamber is where the food product is placed, and the vacuum pump is used to create a low-pressure environment. The heating elements are used to heat the oil in the reservoir to the desired temperature, and the control system regulates the temperature and pressure within the chamber.

The benefits of using a vacuum frying machine for food processing include the production of healthier and more nutritious products with reduced levels of harmful compounds, improved product quality, and reduced oil consumption. Vacuum frying can also improve the texture and taste of the fried product, and reduce the formation of acrylamide, a harmful carcinogen that can be produced during traditional frying.

Vacuum frying machines are commonly used in the production of various snack foods, such as potato chips, banana chips, and other fruit and vegetable chips. They are also used in the production of other fried products, such as meat, seafood, and poultry. The use of vacuum frying machines is growing in popularity due to their ability to produce healthier and higher-quality fried products with reduced environmental impact.

Equipment features

  • Vacuum Fryer Features

    Automatic oil level control

  • Vacuum Frying Machine

    stainless steel construction

  • Vacuum fryer basket

    Integrated centrifuge and basket reduce finished oil content of product

  • Siemens HMI

    Siemens S7 programmble logic control (PLC) with panel view in English

  • PLC control

    all Euro brand electrical components in control cabinet

Packages Type of Applications

  • vegetable fruit chips & sticks

    vegetable fruit chips & sticks

  • fruit & vegetable chips

    fruit & vegetable chips

  • potato chips  & sticks

    potato chips & sticks


VF SpecificationsVF-500VF-800VF-1000VF-1200
Capacity (kg/batch)30-50kg80-100kg150-180kg240-300kg
Process Time (min/batch)50-180min50-180min50-180min50-180min
Vacuum Degree (MPa)
-0.093~0.098 MPa-0.093~0.098 MPa-0.093~0.098 MPa-0.093~0.098 MPa
Oil Temperature (℃)80-12080-12080-12080-120
Heating MediumSteamSteamSteamSteam
Steam Flowrate (kg/h)70-90120200300
Steam Pressure (MPa)0.4-0.50.4-0.50.4-0.50.4-0.5
Deoiling RPM
Cooling Water (t/h)81216

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