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Full Water Immersion Retort

Product Details

Several retort vessels share one hot water storage tank, reduced invest cost.

Superheated water contained in the storage vessel allows for a short come-up time.    

Hot water envelops the containers thus even temperature penetration into the products from all sides.    

Optimized water circulation system guarantees homogenous temperature distribution.    

Less stress on the containers achieved by the buoyancy effect from immersing the load in water, such as semi-rigid trays, pouches etc.    

Equipment features

  • Vacuum Packed Corn Retort Process

    vacuum packed sweet corn retort sterilization process

  • Water Immersion Retort with hot water storage tank

    suitable for pouch product retort sterilization process

  • Retort processing for vacuum packed corn

    vacuum packed sweet corn retort room

Packages Type of Applications

  • Flavored Milk in Plastic Bottles Retort Sterilization

    Flavored Milk in Plastic Bottles Retort Sterilization

  • Ready To Meals Retort

    Ready To Meals Retort

  • Sausages in casing packages retort process

    Sausages in casing packages retort process

  • Snacks in Sachet

    Snacks in Sachet

  • Vacuum Packaged Sweet Corn

    Vacuum Packaged Sweet Corn


Water Immersion Retort Specifications: 

ModelDiameter (mm)Vessel Length (mm)Cart Qty. (pcs)Volume (m³)Tray Dimensions (mm)
890×600×600 (trays stack height)
WI-10031000240032.1790×660×640 (trays stack height)
WI-12031200300034990×800×800 (trays stack height)
WI-12041200360044.5890×800×800 (trays stack height)

990×800×800 (trays stack height)

Constant improvement and engineering innovations mean these specifications may change without notice.

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